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Sole Proprietorship

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Sole Proprietorship

Well, The sole proprietorship is a one person business entity. It is the easiest entity to form. There is no need to file any documentation with the Secretary of State. It is desirable to file a Colorado Business Registration from with the Colorado Department of Revenue. It is advisable that you open a business bank account to be used exclusively by the business and that you keep a general ledger of the business’s transactions.

The sole proprietorship income will be reflected on your 1040 tax return under schedule C. I recommend before starting your new business that you obtain a copy of schedule C to see the deductible expenses that the Internal Revenue Service allows. All income made by the sole proprietorship will be subject to a self employment tax which is slightly over 15%.

While the greatest advantage of the sole proprietorship is its ease to set up; the largest drawback is that it provides no liability protection. If the sole proprietorship were to lose a lawsuit the plaintiff may collect from all of you assets including but not limited to your home, bank accounts, automobiles and investments.

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